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ICELW 2014 Keynote Speakers

ICELW 2014 is pleased to welcome two fantastic keynote speakers: Steve Wheeler from Plymouth University, the renowned speaker, blogger, tweeter, and e-learning expert; and Peta Hellmann, Ph.D., Senior HR Officer at the World Bank Group.

Steve Wheeler
Associate Professor of Learning Technologies
Plymouth University, UK

Steve Wheeler's talk: Digital Learning in the Workplace: The future is social, mobile, personal...
We live in uncertain times, where cultural and technological trends are impacting the workplace. Learning and Development in the 21st Century is evolving, to try to keep pace with the changing needs of the work force and shifting demographics. We are aware that a number of factors, including technology, innovation and new social and cultural trends have already impacted the way learning is conducted in and beyond the workplace. We also realize that to survive in the future, companies need to be agile and flexible to meet the diverse learning and development needs of their workforces. In this presentation I will critically examine some of the current (and predicted) innovations, and evaluate the disruptive and innovative nature of new technologies on learning. I will explore new and emerging trends including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), flipped learning, social and mobile learning, distributed cognition and peer learning. There will also be time to analyze of the impact of technology on L & D, and gaze into the near future, to see what might be on the horizon. We will conclude by discussing how the corporate sector might prepare for a volatile market and uncertain future where knowledge can go quickly out of date, and where digital cultural capital is becoming an increasingly valuable company asset.

About Steve Wheeler

Steve Wheeler is Associate Professor of Learning Technologies at Plymouth University, in South West England. Originally trained as a psychologist, he has spent his entire career working in media, technology and learning, predominantly in nurse education (NHS 1981-1995) and teacher education (1976-1981 and 1995-present). He is now in the Plymouth Institute of Education, at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Steve is a global educator, teaching online, and on a number of undergraduate and post-graduate teacher education programmes in the UK and overseas. He researches into e-learning and distance education, with particular emphasis on the pedagogy underlying the use of social media and Web 2.0 technologies, and he also has research interests in mobile learning and cyber-cultures. Steve is regularly invited to speak about his work and has given keynotes and invited lectures to audiences in more than 30 countries across 5 continents. He is currently involved in several research programmes related to e-learning, social media and handheld technologies.

Steve is the author of more than 150 scholarly articles, with almost 3000 academic citations and is an active and prolific edublogger. His blog Learning with ‘e’s is a regular online commentary on the social and cultural impact of disruptive technologies, and the application of digital media in education, learning and development. It currently attracts in excess of 100,000 unique visitors each month.

Steve is chair of the Plymouth e-Learning Conference, and between 2008-2011 was also co-editor of the journal Interactive Learning Environments. He serves on the editorial boards of a number of learning technology and education related open access academic journals including Research in Learning Technology (formerly ALT-J), the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL), the European Journal of Open, Distance and eLearning (EURODL) and Digital Culture and Education. He has served on the organising and executive committees of a number of international academic conferences, including ALT-C, ICL, EDEN, IFIP and AICT.

In 2008 Steve was awarded a Fellowship by the European Distance and E-learning Network (EDEN), and in 2011 he was elected to serve as a member of the Steering group of EDEN’s Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP). Between 2008-2013 he also served as chair of the influential worldwide research group IFIP Technical Committee Working Group 3.6 (distance education) and is author of several books including The Digital Classroom (Routledge: 2008) and Connected Minds, Emerging Cultures (Information Age: 2009). He lives in Plymouth, on the South West coast of England.

Peta Hellmann, Ph.D.
Senior HR Officer, Global Talent Management & Rewards
World Bank Group, USA

Peta Hellmann's talk: Online Learning: Connecting Global Talent across Time and Space
In today's world, there is more competition for people's time and attention than ever before. It can be a challenge for organizations to convince employees to spend their in-demand time on online training and professional development. Persuading people to immerse themselves in optional online learning requires products with relevant content, delivered in ways that are easy to use and integrate into employees' lives and work process, and ways to ensure that each target audience is aware of the online learning opportunities that exist. The World Bank Group has faced these challenges as they relate to its large, diverse, global talent based. In this session, I will lean on our experience at the World Bank Group to explore successes, failures, and lessons learned.

About Peta Hellmann

Dr. Peta Hellmann leads the Talent & Performance Management programs at the World Bank Group. She has been designing and implementing talent management programs for global companies for over 14 years. In 2013, she co-led the development and launch of the World Bank Group’s Talent Marketplace, an on-line enterprise-wide platform to crowd-source talent based on business needs across World Bank. In 2012, Peta was selected into the World Bank Groups “Corporate Leadership Program” for high potential leaders. In 2011, she won a Corporate Performance Award for leading the successful design and implementation of the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Talent Review program. In 2010, she won the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award for “Best Integration of Learning and Talent Management” for IFC. Peta has held positions in management consulting with Booz Allen Hamilton and has led the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) leadership development unit. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the George Washington University where she was awarded a scholarship through the MacArthur Foundation. Her portfolio of engagements, applied research, and publications have focused on success factors for leading and developing diverse staff and teams in high performing global organizations. Peta has been invited to present her talent development programs and findings in conferences including the Financial Services Learning & Development Innovations (2014), the American Society for Training & Development conference (2011) and the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychologists (2000).

The ICELW 2015 conference will be held from June 10-12, 2015, at Columbia University in New York.