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2013 ICELW Keynote Speakers

ICELW was pleased to have two fantastic keynote speakers for ICELW 2013: Jane Hart, the noted speaker, author, consultant, and social learning expert, and Dr. Will Thalheimer, the well-known researcher and learning and performance consultant. More about our keynote speakers and their talks is below.

Jane Hart
Social Learning & Collaboration Advisor
Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies, UK

Jane Hart's talk: Social Learning: The Changing Face of Workplace Learning
Workplace Learning is changing! In her keynote, Jane Hart will explain what is taking place by drawing on evidence from her own work over the past 6 years that shows how smart workers are making use of a range of new tools to work and learn. Jane will also demonstrate how Learning & Development departments are responding, and re-thinking their approach to e-learning by expanding their services to support learning and performance more broadly in the workplace. Jane will provide some examples of these emerging new approaches to workplace learning that include new content design and performance support as well as enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration in the workflow.

About Jane Hart

Jane Hart works with many organizations around the world providing independent advice and support on the use of social technologies for collaborative learning and working. She is the Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, as well as the Social Learning Centre, where she coordinates a series of online workshops and activities to support learning professionals as they explore the new world of social and collaborative learning. She also speaks regularly at conferences internationally, is the author of the acclaimed Social Learning Handbook and writes a regular blog, Learning in the Social Workplace. Jane was named by the E-Learning Council as the "most influential e-learning blogger" in 2011.

Dr. Will Thalheimer
Work-Learning Research, USA

Dr. Will Thalheimer's talk: From a Research Insight to a Practical Learning Innovation
A recent research review on training says that typical training programs are largely ineffective. Should we then turn to the fad of the month? Obviously not! But there is a third way—generating practical ideas from solid research on learning. Dr. Thalheimer will share one such idea—subscription learning—that was inspired by the research from the field of psychology on the spacing effect. And, what’s really cool is that technology may finally be catching up to the promise of the idea. It may be too soon to use the word “revolution” to refer to this e-learning method, but with technology at the ready and the possibility that training departments are more willing to throw off some of their training shackles, subscription learning is a potent innovation--one that should be in every training developer’s toolkit.

About Dr. Will Thalheimer

Will Thalheimer is a learning expert, researcher, instructional designer, business strategist, speaker, and writer. Dr. Thalheimer has worked in the learning-and-performance field since 1985.

He was the project manager for the first commercially-viable computer-based leadership simulation, The Complete Manager. He led the Strategic Management Group’s product line, Leading for Business Results, increasing revenues fourfold. He has trained managers to be leaders at numerous Fortune 500 companies, teaching such topics as leadership, persuasion, conflict resolution, and business strategy. He has led change management efforts and workshops.

His clients have included giant multinationals, e-learning companies, government agencies, and institutions of higher learning. Short list: Walgreens, UNUM, Microsoft, MIT, Pfizer, Allen Interactions, Type A Learning Agency, eInstruction, Monitor Group, ADP, Questionmark, Midi Compliance Solutions, Facility Einstein, Defense Intelligence Agency, The eLearning Guild, Rockwell, Raytheon, Boeing, Kodak, AGFA, AMD, PPG, Nabisco, Ericsson, Abbott, Novartis, SMG, and the U.S. Postal Service. His research and writings have led the field in providing practical research-based recommendations through his online publications (, published articles, and his industry-leading blog (

Will holds a BA from the Pennsylvania State University, an MBA from Drexel University, and a PhD in Educational Psychology: Human Learning and Cognition from Columbia University.

The ICELW 2015 conference and expo will be held from June 10-12, 2015, at Columbia University in New York.