ICELW Program

The complete ICELW program will be released as it gets closer to the conference. In addition to our keynotes and panel discussion, the following presentations have been accepted to ICELW 2014:

Also, you may wish to check out our programs from past ICELW events.

A Mobile Language Learning Tool
A Proposed Content Model for Simulation Based E-Learning
Achieving Business Results with Corporate MOOCs
Actor networks, an approach to learning in virtual spaces
Adaptive Learning in Global Mandatory Training
Aetna General Managers and P&L Leaders Navigate Health Insurance Future Using Online, Connected Learning Technology Platform
Alliances for Knowledge: MOOCs for a New Model of University (Negative and Positive Aspects)
Alternative Management in the Workplace: The CNAM Initiative
An Experience of Management of Latinamerican Universities Under the Perspective of Knowledgement Gesture
An Exploratory Study into Virtual Learning Environments as a Training Platform in the Workplace
An Innovative Solution to Promote Self-Oriented Learning in the Workplace: Intelligent Learning Environments
Applying and Promoting Critical Thinking in Online Education
Assessing Job Performance of Video e-learning Content Authors and System Providers
Assessment of the Availability and Utilization of ICT Resources in Teaching in F.C.E. Eha-Amufu Enugu, Nigeria
Augmented Reality: Considerations on Building a Virtual Learning Environment for Graphic Representation Disciplines in Architecture and City Planning Courses
Automated Web-Based E-Learning Evaluation and Recommendation
Barriers to Learning in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Are They Still There?
Challenges and Strategies of Implementing Blended Learning in Universities
China Preservice Teachers’ Design Efficacy for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Cloud and mobile: The New Way Forward for Learning
Collaborative Distance Learning of Foreign Languages
Competency Development in the Financial Services Industry: Six Case Studies
Computer Support for Learning and Knowledge Creation in the Workplace
Connecting industry and academia e-learning through a novel capstone project and software implementation
Co-work between University Teachers from Different Fields: Is it Possible to Build a Common Language?
Creating a Virtual Community of Practice
Creating e- and m-learning Foundations to Engage Young Adults in a Workforce Development Program
Cross-Modality Comparison of Knowledge Gain and Retention in Job Training
Customized E-Learning for B2B Companies
Design Models and Patterns for Creating Better eLearning
Designing eLearning Content for Localization
Development Time – How long will it take to develop my eLearning??
Digital Elections in Brazil: Volunteers' Online Training for the Largest Digital Electoral Process in the World
Digital Game-Based Learning for Further Education
Digital Media as support for TVET Training – Expectations and research results of the use of Web2.0
E-Learning in the Workplace: A Case Study In Western Amazon, Brazil
E-learning Usability/UI in Mobile Devices
E-enabled Performance Support: The Secret of L&D Success?
Effectively Integrating the “I’m Barista” Simulation Game into Traditional Training Methods for People with Disabilities
Efficiency and Effectiveness of Automated Tools in Corporate e-learning
Electronic Mentoring: What is it and how can it be used to support teachers?
Engagement and Performance in Blended Language Learning
Enhancing Scientific Cooperation of an Interdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence via a Scientific Cooperation Portal
e-REAL: Enhancing Intelligence by Visual Thinking
Examining the Generation Gap in Using E-learning: The Case of Two Public Universities in Jordan
Exploring Adult Learners’ Readiness for E-Learning: A Case Study
Exploring the Relationships between Pharmacists' Internet Self-Efficacy and their Motivations toward Web-based Continuing Learning
Factors Affecting E-Learning Use: An Individual Analysis
From E-learning to Virtual Communities: A New Approach for Developing Collaborative Software Platforms
Future of Distance Learning: Technology vs. Learning
Generation I: How to Meet Learners' Expectations of Tomorrow
How to Use e-Learning Activities to Connect with the Introvert Corporate Language Learner
Imperatives of Information and Commmunication Technology for Teachers
Implementation of an Expert-Finding Tool to Improve Informal Learning at the Workplace
Individual, Collaborative, and Organizational Serious Games and e-learning Gamification in the Workplace
In-service Science Teachers’ Perceptions and Self-efficacy of Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge
Integrating Project Work into Distance Education Courses
Introducing learning innovation in public employment services. What role can facilitators play?
Is e-learning for me?: Experiences of an intern program in a Centre for Educational Technology
Journal-Based Learning in an Online Environment
Just-in-time Learning: Can Online Courses Significantly Support Face to Face Teaching? Learning Measurement: The Shake-up Igniting a Training Revolution!
Less ""Have Tos"" More ""Want Tos"" - Creating eLearning courses learners want to take
Leveraging Social Learning in Management Education
Maturity in Large Scale Corporate e-Learning
Mobile Learning in a Mobile Workplace: An Innovative Blended Approach to On-the-Job Training
Mobile Strategy and Development on a Shoestring Budget
Online "Sheltered Instruction" Training for Online Teachers: A Professional Development Evaluation
Online Content and Learning Managements Systems: Making it Work!
PARE: An Online Practice Assessment Record and Evaluation Tool to Improve Healthcare Student Job Placements
Pharmacists'' Abilities of Self-regulation toward Web-based Continuing Learning and the Role of Their Self-efficacy
Profiling Preservice Teachers’ Readiness for Web-based 21st Century Teaching
Quality Process Improvements for Graduate E-Learning Programs: A Framework Implementation Guide
Readiness and Absorptive Capacity for e-learning Initiatives in the Manufacturing Industry
Scientific Communication and the Rise of Video Publications
Serious Games - What do users think?
Standardised Numerical Assessment Process (SNAP): An Online Resource to Improve the Numerical Confidence and Competence of Healthcare Workers
Social collaboration technology – driving organizational change and maximizing business performance!
Sweet Success: Virtual World Tools Enhance Real-World Decision Making in the Australian Sugar Industry
Technology Driven Emancipatory Education in the Workplace using Online Blended Leaning
The Changing Workplace: Connecting Teaching and Learning with Neuroscience
The CPOE Mobile Support: A Mobile Application Training Tool to Enhance Physicians’ Learning of CPOE
The Jazz Ensemble: A Training Model for Social Creativity in the Workplace
The Strategic Design of Distance Vocational Training: A Lliterature Review
Training 21st Century Workforce of Early Childhood Teachers in STEM Education through an eLearning Environment
Use of Mobile Technologies in Libraries
Using What We Learn - Does Organizational Context Influence Knowledge Translation to Practice?
Vital Signs: How e-learning for Midwives and Sonographers in Developing Countries Can Help to Save Lives
Wanna LLAMA? Let’s get started with the (Lot Like) Agile Management Approach!

The ICELW 2014 conference and expo will be held from June 11-13, 2014, at Columbia University in New York.